Children’s Book – My Name is Cosmos, I Live in Alaska

My Name is Cosmos, I Live in Alaska
Author: David W Weatherholt
Publisher: Weatherholt & Associates, LLC
Paperback ISBN: 978-0982304136
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-982304129
Pages: 48
Published: January 2011

As an Alaskan, David W. Weatherholt is reminded daily of the beautiful, rustic landscape of his surroundings. His children’s book, “My Name is Cosmos, I Live in Alaska: The Story of a Cowboy Dog’s Trip to the Last Frontier, not only boasts the natural wonders of Alaska, it also entertains young readers with a heartwarming canine named Cosmos. When David’s dog dies, he knows that another one could never replace his beloved pet. A new pet would certainly help him feel less lonely, however, so David decides to call his sister Sharon to help him in the search. She discovers the perfect dog—a mixed-breed puppy bred to herd cattle that somehow ended up in Alaska. The puppy, named Cosmos, shares his adventures of flying on a small airplane with young readers. After a long flight on an even bigger plane, Cosmos arrives in Anchorage and meets his new owner, Dave, and his daughter, Jennifer. The puppy explains to readers just what life is like in his new home with a new family on the last frontier.

“Everyone who lives in Alaska has a great story behind how they came to live here,” says Weatherholt. “The same is true for my own dog, Cosmos.” Weatherholt aims to engage younger audiences with this tale of the natural wonders of Alaska as seen through Cosmo’s eyes. “My Name is Cosmos, I Live in Alaska: The Story of a Cowboy Dog’s Trip to the Last Frontier” is available for sale online at Amazon and other channels.

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