Action Adventure – HitchHiking 45,000 Miles to Alaska

HitchHiking 45,000 Miles to AlaskaHitchHiking 45,000
By Chuck Wirschem
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1475184846
Published: October 2012
Pages: 162
Genre: Action/Adventure

A young boy grows up reading outdoor magazines, adventure books, and watching astonishing images on the television. Then, in 1960, he embarks on an amazing journey as a hitchhiker, traveling 45,000 miles through 44 states and three countries before settling in Alaska. An astonishing memoir of a true character, Chuck Wirschem’s four year odyssey across North America is an extraordinary tale of adventure that symbolizes the essence of America: freedom. An avid hitchhiker since the age of nine, when he would stay after school to play sports and then thumb rides home afterwards, setting out to explore the world, hitchhiking was a natural fit. From 1960 through 1964 he chases girls in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, enjoys the beaches of California and Mexico, experiences the World’s Fair in Seattle, explores New York City on less than $10, heads for Hawaii, ends up in Alaska, and buys an airplane-BEFORE learning to fly it. The remarkable adventure of a real American original. Full of humor and humanity.

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