Biography/Folk Art – Run Toward the Sun

Run Toward the SunRun Toward the Sun
By Anton Haardt
Publisher: Saturno Press
ISBN: 978-0975384213 (hc)
ISBN: 978-0975384237 (ebook)
Genre: Biography, Folk Art
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, only available to qualified bloggers/reviewers in the U.S.), pdf, and ipad

“Run Toward The Sun: Remembering Juanita Rogers” s ia supernatural Photo Memoir of Juanita Rogers, a black self- taught artist from the South . This is a story about an African -American woman and a young privileged white woman -both artists . Behind this double biography is a soulful sub-text that acknowledges the force of friendship, and the fears and strengths that shape and change the lives of not only these two women, but all of us. A story of two bold women, both who chose not to make safe choices. One is rich and one is poor. Both are from the South, and both are artists. They become friends. Through their eclectic friendship, each on their personal quest, they travel through their own rite of passage and gain a better understanding of themselves and each other.—–a story woven with a curious thread…and the devil may care duet of this unusual friendship is true.

I first met Juanita Rogers more than thirty-five years ago, and became a frequent visitor to her home near Montgomery. Over the years I amassed many hours of audio and video-taped interviews with Juanita Rogers and her rural primitive surroundings, and photographed her and many of her creations.

The book is filled with Photographs and quotes from Rogers . The book also contains one essay on Juanita Rogers and her work. Folk art scholar,Tom Paterson, has provided an art-historical appraisal of Juanita’s sculptures and paintings.

Hers is a story of an incessant drive for creative expression amidst poverty, social struggle, and tremendous physical disability. Anton Haardt

Juanita Rogers (1934-85) lived in an isolated, poor life in southern Alabama. Her TV set was constantly on. Each picture represents a highly personalized, idiosyncratic takeoff on various TV characters and themes. From her hysteria-induced poker game titled “Card Gamer” to “Camu Head,” an eccentric interpretation of the Coneheads from “Saturday Night Live,” Rogers’ pieces show humor and heightened imagination.

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