Busines – From Athletics to Business

From Athletics to Business
Author: Darius Allen
Publisher: Darius Allen Publishing Co.
ISBN: 978-0-615-53521-0
Pages: 132
Published: November 2011

Why do so many athletes end up in financial ruin?

The new book, “From Athletics to Business” uncovers the principles that make athletes and millionaires more susceptible to economic ruin and bad behavior such as the law of tangible appeal and the law of relativity. Take the roller coaster ride in quest of a professional sports career to the pressure and responsibility of ‘making it’. Discover the 12 universal attributes sports teaches that should help mold athletes into prime candidates for post career success.

In this book, readers will see the long list of skills including the ability to follow instructions and heed advice, ability to measure effectiveness, accountability, how to align goals and ideology, attention to details, teamwork and collaboration, communication, confidence, conflict management and dozens more. Also expect to discover what is required to transfer these skills to new careers and avoid the pitfalls that have trapped so many and devoured fortunes.

From Athletics to Business may be the first of its kind to offer true insight into the epidemic of financial ruin that has plagued athletes for almost a century and offer the solutions to end this affliction.

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