Business – Fortune is in the Follow-Up®

Fortune is in the Follow-Up®: Five Power Strategies to Reinvent Your MarketingFortune is in the Follow-Up
By Heidi BK Sloss
Publisher: 3L Publishing
ISBN: 978-0985266974
Published: November 2012
Pages: 178
Genre: Business, Marketing

Earn Your Fortune in Your Follow-Up! In a back-to-basics economy, you need a back-to-basics marketing mentality. Your fortune awaits you and its a lot easier than you think. You can go from marketing misery to marketing mastery to profitable success all with Heidi’s time-tested strategies. More than just a productivity book, Fortune is in the Follow-Up® provides business owners with simple, effective, and proven strategies that get real results.

In this book, Heidi Sloss, keynote speaker, reveals to business owners the critical, but often overlooked, secrets to thriving in any economy. Not only will you learn how to find a fortune in your follow-up, but you ll also save time, energy and money as you learn: Why your current marketing strategies aren’t working; How to get the most out of your leads and referrals; Why a business plan is a waste of time for most businesses; Why networking is a waste of time UNLESS you use Heidi’s 5 networking tips; How to stop sabotaging your business and start making real money; Business basics that build customer loyalty.

Heidi Sloss is a national sales expert who provides savvy sales strategies for independent sales professionals and business owners who focus on their craft but neglect relationship building, marketing, and sales-closing techniques.

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