Business Leadership – Save The Drama For Your Mama!: A Leader’s Guide To Organizational Accountability

Save the Drama For Your MamaSave The Drama For Your Mama!: A Leader’s Guide To Organizational Accountability
By Sherri L. Mackey
ISBN: 978-1482582901
Genre: Business Leadership
Formats Available For Review: ebook, pdf, print (only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers)

Save The Drama is a must-read for every professional, across every industry, worldwide. Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, reveals little known essentials for developing sustainable organizational accountability across the corporate spectrum. Based on over 25-years of global leadership roles, coaching hundreds of clients through difficult changes, and considered a thought leader in global and cultural integration within the context of the corporate DNA, Sheri brings together real world, workable solutions to the challenge of workplace drama and organizational change. Gather successful leaders from organizations worldwide and what will they tell you? They will all say virtually the same thing. Drama at work and managing organizational change are ongoing, pervasive challenges in the workplace today – problems that go unresolved because people do not know how to address them or implement the change that will stop the drama. Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, spells out a clear pathway to developing accountability and change management into your organization, ensuring the focus is always on the right thing – getting exceptional business results. A highly revered global leadership expert, Sheri will teach you how to ensure accountability, without drama, is alive and well within your organization. Save The Drama For Your Mama is the perfect compact, easy to read book for today’s fast-paced work environment. In this information packed book, you’ll learn how to instill accountability, control gossip, and manage expectations to successfully facilitate change. Armed with these core fundamental tools, you will find yourself well on your way toward both personal and professional success. Save The Drama For Your Mama! is an easy to read, straight to the point book for leaders (formal or informal) that are looking for a toolbox to help them manage change and navigate drama within their organization. Whether you are trying to manage change, implement personal accountability, stem gossip, or manage expectations, this book will provide practical tips and tactics to manage the drama in any organization – large or small.

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