Business Self Help – The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Kick Start to An Even Better YOU!

The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Kick Start to An Even Better YOU!The Character Triangle
by Lorne Rubis
Publisher: LGR Publishing
Pages: 201
Published: January 2013
Genre: Business – Leadership – Self-Help

Can our CHARACTER be developed? Or are we born and stuck with it? In his 2011 book The Character Triangle, Lorne Rubis shared a breakthrough method of shaping our own character by practicing three distinct but interdependent values: Accountability (Do It Now!), Respect (Be Nice!) and Abundance (Give More!).

His follow up, The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Kick Start to an Even Better YOU, is a practical guide to help you to Do It Now, Be Nice, and Give More.

In 30 Days, you will learn how to identify your life’s purpose, find your motivation and consciously practice the core values that will help you to live with greater character, have an impact and inspire others.

In this book, Rubis presents key learnings from both research driven results and experiential leadership. You’ll learn from some of the best business, leadership and self-improvement experts including Marshall Goldsmith, Stephen Covey, Clayton Christensen, Charles Duhigg, Brene Brown, Jim Collins, Ram Charan, Jim Kouzes and others. He also shares leadership and management best practices from top companies including Apple, The Ford Motor Company, Campbell Soup Company, WestJet and more.

This 200-page quick read is a real road-map to success for anyone looking to move goals into actions and set an intentional path towards continual improvement

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