Southern Gothic – Blood and Magnolias

Blood and MagnoliasBlood and Magnolias
By Morgan Summerfield
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1450562249
Published: March 2012
Pages: 436
Genre: Southern Gothic

If your recipe for Southern Gothic reads: capture the southern feel, keep the gothic suggestive, stir in plenty of spice, boil with tension, and leave out the vampires, Blood and Magnolias may be the perfect dish to satisfy your reading hunger. Indulge yourself in hefty portions of steamy passion, ruthless action, and unthinkable betrayal.

Blood and Magnolias garners life from the eerie landscapes of Louisiana where shifting winds and moss heavy in the trees evoke the sense of a presence beyond what can be seen. The constant ebb and flow of the tides that raise and lower the estuaries are reflected in the motion of the story. Blood and Magnolias sets the reader adrift on a dark seductive river twisting with mystery, surging with suspense, and made dangerous by things hidden beneath the surface.

Adrean Bodree never expected to find herself back in Louisiana—the land of backwaters, bayous and a life she left in ashes. Trapped in an untenable relationship, she is too much alone and restless. She needs distraction, purpose, companionship, change. Standing on the edge of a divorce, that her husband has no intention of granting, Adrean is befriended by two very seductive and charming ‘playmates’ filled with ulterior motives.

The wealthy and manipulative Barbara and Justin Melville are quick to lead Adrean into their life of excesses and pleasures—a life filled with tempting rewards, yet rife with peril. Coldblooded deception draws Adrean into their velvet trap and holds her in exquisite tension. The Melville conspiracy is so well fashioned that Adrean is oblivious to the integral part she plays until the very last moment of its climax. The plot to exploit her stays well hidden and is headed toward fruition, until the shadows of Adrean’s past bring forward memory and trigger a discovery that unearths the truth.

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