Children’s Book – Beau Bear: The Tale of the Hidden Blue Treasure

Beau BearBeau Bear:  The Tale of the Hidden Blue Treasure
By M.R. Everette
Publisher: Cookietwist Publishing
ASIN: B07967QPQ6
Genre: Children’s Book
Formats Available For Review: mobi, epub

Beau Bear: The Tale of the Hidden Blue Treasure

Another grand adventure with Beau Bear and this time, pirates!

Do you love a tale with a great ending? “Beau Bear: The Tale of the Hidden Blue Treasure” will make your heart smile.

When little Beau Bear goes on a journey to Blue Island, his cousin informs him about mysterious things happening on the island. Along the way, Beau Bear with his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro learn about how the island got its name from the old pirate Captain Blue Fox. The island was known to hold the hidden Blue treasure. As the mystery unfolds, friendships get tested on Blue Island as Beau Bear goes missing.

Beau Bear and Wheelburro become separated on the island as Beau Bear seeks the truth about the island and its hidden Blue treasure. Will Beau Bear be able to solve the mystery of Blue Island?

Caring, amusing, and deeply moving, this tale about friendship will touch your heart. Get your copy today!
• Comes with 15 colorful illustrations
• Imparts the values of caring, friendship, and the acceptance of others
• Recommended for children ages 4-6

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