Children’s Picture Book – I’m Jacob & I don’t Know: The Power of Imagination

I'm Jacob & I don't KnowI’m Jacob & I don’t Know: The Power of Imagination
By Judith Z. Brutus
Published: July 2014
ISBN: 978-1499041651
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Formats Available For Review: Print (only for qualified reviewers/bloggers), eBook, Kindle, Nook

Jacob learns his first words but does not understand what the mean. Can you begin to imagine how he will interact with everyone?

A little boy is almost two years old and desperate to learn how to talk. Through his interactions with his family and using his imagination, Jacob comes to understand that words have meaning and he is eager to know the meaning of everything. However, he gets stuck with understanding the meaning of I don t know because his older brother always uses these words whenever he doesn’t want to get himself into trouble. Jacob uses these mystery words all the time, even on wrong occasions, because he imagines they are very important words.

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