Children’s Picture Book – What Can We Do Next?

What Can We Do Next?What Can We Do Next
By Toula Magi
Publisher: Little Sunshine Books
ISBN: 978-0984313105
Pages: 38
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Format Available For Review: kindle, pdf

What Can We Do Next?”, is a story about, Lexie, a little girl who’s upset that it’s raining outside and she can’t play on her swing set. So, she decides to create an imaginary friend. Together they go on all kinds of adventures, even though they’re stuck indoors. They go on a hot-air balloon ride, a picnic, as astronauts they take a trip to the moon, and as pirates, they look for buried treasure.

Children today get bored very easily when it’s raining, or when they don’t have some place to go. Without outdoor items such as swing sets, skateboards and bikes, or indoor items such as TVs, computers and video games, most children don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s rare today that children actually think to use their imagination to go anywhere they want to go or be anything they want to be. This book shows kids that they can use their imagination to conjure up their own fun, any time, any place. When you use your imagination, there is no limit to what can be done!

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