Children’s – The Best Belcher

The Best Belcher
Author: Lynda Medlyn & Kelley Staudenmier
Publisher: Window Box Press
ISBN: 978-0-9793738-0-0
Pages: 32
Published: September 2008

Tag along with Bennett as he burps his way through the day. Bennett is in for a big surprise, however, and so are readers of this funny children’s picture book for ages 4-8!

Bennett loves to burp—he burps his way through the day, annoying family, friends, and strangers alike. He burps at the breakfast table, at the bus stop, during the spelling bee, in the library under the “Quiet Please” sign, and while his brother lays in bed counting sheep. Despite warnings from his father that they’ll have to send him to live alone on a deserted island if he keeps it up and cautions from his sister that one day he’ll burp up a big, ugly monster, he continues this noisy habit. He’s curiously silenced one day until the burping contest comes to town, and the surprise winner is announced.

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