Children’s – The Incredible Dinosaurs

The Incredible DinosaursIncredible Dinosaurs
By Sophia Harris
Published: December 2013
Pages: 54
Genre: Children’s Reference, Animals, Dinosaurs
Formats Available For Review: Kindle

A fantastic fun, and exciting book for Dinosaur lovers of all ages. We go back from the Triassic Era (250 Million Years ago) looking for the twenty top and best dinosaurs. We look at dinosaurs from all three periods and dinosaurs from all walks of life, Terrifying meat eaters and huge vegetarians . They re all here in one book. With every Dinosaur there is a description letting you know scientific name of that dinosaur, where it was discovered, height and weight. All the facts you need to help you decide which is your favorite dinosaur. This is a fantastic book for school projects, for older dinosaur lovers who just want to read and learn more, or just to satisfy curiosity about these magnificent creatures. With all this information at you fingertips there is nothing but learning and fun from the moment you turn to the first page, and as you read it again and again, This book was written for dinosaur lovers by dinosaur lovers to help them learn not only the facts but also to help you understand how these magnificent creatures lived their lives, where they lived and how they lived, and in some cases how they died.

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