Christian – Rising To Everlasting Life

Rising To Everlasting LifeRising to Everlasting Life
by Teri S. Riddering
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 978-1613797204
Pages: 256
Genre: Christian Eschatology
Format Available For Review: Print, PDF, e-book

Within the pages of “RISING TO EVERLASTING LIFE: The Resurrection Texts for both Christians and Jews,” author Teri S. Riddering has collected the main authoritative Biblical and extra-Biblical resurrection texts, evidencing that both Christians and Jews were given the same promises of resurrection with identical elements, so both must see the fulfillment of this event together and at the same time. She claims that these texts prove that there can be only one event for all of God’s people (both Jews and Christians) at the appointed time.

Yet, both Jews and Christians must analyze and change some of their present eschatological misconceptions. Many Christians believe that the “rapture” will be a distinct event from the final resurrection, and is only meant for them. At the same time, Jews understand that the final resurrection is also only meant for them, in fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel.

Riddering compares the Christian and Jewish perspectives regarding the final resurrection, and gives some suggestions as to how each can adjust their own views and accept each other as part of God’s people.

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