Contemporary Fiction – Born Under the Dark Sun: Chasing Freedom

Born Under the Dark Sun: Chasing FreedomBorn Under The Dark Sun
By Vladimir A Shvartsman
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 978-1436316613
Pages: 364
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Chasing Freedom” is a powerful story illustrated by a collection of treasured works in oil by an ordinary human being living an extraordinary life. The artist used a brush to paint for the first time in 1975, though he never attended an art school. Unsurprisingly, he published his first book “Colors of Truth” in 2000 written in English, though no English classes were ever attended. He can truly be called self-taught. “The Colors of Truth” consists of color reproductions of his forty-six paintings and some stories from his life. So far, seven books were published. He has being an extremely occupied with running a small high-tech company, writing, and painting. Much of his time spent on writing technical and scientific papers, technical manuals and promoting his innovative products.

“Chasing Freedom,” the first book of a trilogy “Born Under the Dark Sun” is a collection of stories reflecting his life till the time of emigration, published in 2008. Born in Russia but not Slovak, he inherited hundredths years old, countrywide anti-Semitism with a tragic outcome of his father dying in his hands, mortally wounded by a policeman. His scientific investigation of an origin of living cell communications turned into a conflict with Communistic Dogmas and consequently with the KGB. That and others were sources of his pains and struggles. He wrote, “I had only two choices to roar like a wounded creature or start painting. I selected painting. A canvas was my best friend. It had never complained if my story was too long and if I had to start it over and over again.” Newly gained habits in no way could help improving his standing with the authorities.

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