Contemporary Fiction – Faded Acts Of Love

Faded Acts Of LoveFaded Acts of Love
by Joseph F. Alexander
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1450272544
Pages: 240
Genre: Contemporary mid-life romance
Print and e-copies available for review

Interesting characters make interesting mistakes, particularly if the terms of one marriage gone wrong can make it all right once again following the death of a young child. The tale unfolds against the frantic worlds of New York and London, and the placid romantic world of Tuscany.

It is not until he meets Adrienne that Peter’s pessimistic expectations about women finally lift. After she and Peter marry, all seems safe and ideal-until their two-year-old son, Nicholas, plunges to his death from the balcony of their Manhattan apartment.

As the aura of happiness that surrounds Adrienne and Peter abruptly shatters, they flounder in the darkness of grief, barely able to fathom their loss. Together they realize that their best hope for recovery is to have another child and, fourteen months after Nicholas’s tiny white casket is lowered into the ground, Adrienne gives birth to a daughter. With great hopes for a new beginning, the family moves to Westchester. While Peter moves up the corporate ladder at a prestigious Madison Avenue advertising agency, Adrienne learns to tolerate his chronic inattention, womanizing, and lies. But when he is sent on assignment to London, he makes a fateful decision that leads to disastrous consequences he could have never predicted.

In this endlessly unpredictable odyssey of love and loss that probes the intricacies of two intertwined relationships that span twenty years and two continents, Peter now must face an uncertain future dictated by one careless act.

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