Contemporary Fiction – The People in Between

The People in BetweenThe People in  Between
By Gregory S. Lamb
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1461138747
Published: June 2012
Pages: 338
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Cyprus is the only nation in the world today with a capitol city split in two by a demilitarized zone. Through the lives of one American-Cypriot family we get a riveting story of international proportions from other nations interfering with Cyprus’s sovereignty. For Kiraz “Nora” Johansson, discovering the roots of her family’s tragic history in Cyprus becomes a passion and an obsession.

Accepting her brother Nils’ invitation to tend an artist’s shop, Nora goes to Cyprus, where she meets Cypriot Aydin Kostas, and visits places her American military father and Cypriot mother spent time together when they courted thirty years before.

Follow Nora on her journey and discover who her Turkish Cypriot mother really was. Through artistically presented description emotional prose and contemporary dialogue, the turbulent history of the rare and beautiful island nation of Cyprus comes alive. Nora’s story is a love story. Not just between her and Cypriot native Aydin Kostas who grew up in Greek Cyprus, but her love and passion for a land with a tragic history where the people are united in a country divided.

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