Contemporary Romance – Cougar Tales Series Box Set

Cougar Tales Series Box SetCougar Tales Series Box Set
Books 1-3
By Cheryl Holloway
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats Available For Review: kindle; pdf; mobi

The book features ten must-read stories here in all, including 5 really short stories. It introduces an interesting collection of characters, who are just like your best friend and your sister. The characters are each very unique with a compelling story to tell.

This captivating collection of romantic stories includes three contemporary romance stories from sweet to boldly sexy that will warm your heart, and gently touch your soul. These fabulous stories are Book 1-3 in the unforgettable Cougar Tales series that are consistently honest, as they take on modern-day relationships. They will make you smile and leave you eager for more cougar love. This box set is perfect for established fans, who want to own the full Cougar Tales Series, or readers new to the series.

There’s something magical about falling in love when you least expect it…especially if you’re a cougar.

Father and Son – He wants her. She wants him. His father interferes.

Joi and her 35-year old fiancé, Jon, enjoy a wonderful loving relationship. They begin planning their wedding until his father intervenes—he thinks she is too old for his son. Then life happens! Joi has no idea just how much her life is about to change.

The Italian Basketball Player – Joi and Robert meet while waiting on the maintenance of their luxury cars. He’s an American who plays on the Italian basketball team. They enjoyed each other’s company and he invited her on a date…a blind date with his older brother. Watch them enjoy the villa in Italy.

Jamaican Love – Joi meets a Chef in New York City that is interested in dating her. Joi is not ready to be in a new relationship with anyone, especially a long-distance relationship—he lives on the East Coast and she lives on the West Coast. But Spencer doesn’t give up easily. They go their separate ways. Fate brings them together again while on vacation. Can Spencer sweep Joi off her feet with Jamaican love?

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