Contemporary Romance – Relations

By Pamela D. Beverly
Published: February 2018
ISBN: 9780998673240 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural Romance
Formats Available For Review: epub, mobi, Print (limited quantities only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.)

Frank Ellis is smooth, has the gift of gab and is knowledgeable about anything that relates to finances. As a financial consultant, he considers himself to be one of the best. And when it comes to women, he has no qualms about his prowess. He has no complaints; nor has he received any. But it just isn’t enough anymore.

Enter Delilah Carpenter. A sexy, down-to-earth young woman from Savannah, Georgia, she is in the audience of one of Frank’s entertaining financial planning seminars. They meet and things get interesting–and not in a good way. After he makes a less-than-favorable impression, Frank awakens to discover that Delilah has already checked out of the hotel in which they are both staying. And Frank wonders if he will ever get a chance to redeem himself.

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