Contemporary Romance – The Kingdom Of Mareedikhan

The Kingdom Of MareedikhanThe Kingdom Of Mareedikhan
The Annapolis Series, Part Two
By Jacqueline Varlotta
Published: July 2014
ISBN: 978-1500101015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities available to qualified reviewers/bloggers only in the U.S.), Kindle

The Kingdom Of Mareedikhan – is a continuation of the Annapolis Series – In The Hands Of Fate. – Beautiful, trusting, Kaleena Annapolis Stevens, adopted, has been re-united with her biological mother and father Demetrius and Melissa. She now has two sets of loving parents and three siblings. Living in California, and spending her summers on the Island of Mykonos Greece. Her life changes when she crosses the path of the royal prince of Mareedikhan.

The trusting Kaleena finds the wealthy, young prince spoiled and vain, yet she is drawn to him by feelings she cannot control nor understand, while his womanizing ways keep her on her guard.

Eight years of emotional conflict leave her feeling torn and confused toward a prince who is far more worldly than she. Can a young girl learn to trust her heart or will she eventually lose the one person she has called friend for so long……..

Wealthy, spoiled, a player, Prince Michael Baraby of Mareedikhan use to getting his way in all things, is drawn to the young girl from Greece whom he wants more than he has any other before her.

Her innocent friendship with him has him emotionally torn in two different directions – His desire to make her his mistress, yet his unexpected feelings of protectiveness and friendship toward her.

His love them and leave them past relationships are completely different than what he feels for the beautiful Kaleena. Feelings totally out of character for him with any female. Is Kaleena really sincere? or is she like all the others – after what she can get from his wealth and position? A confusing dilemma for a prince who trusts no one. Can a wealthy, playboy prince realize the true meaning of friendship and trust with a young girl he cannot forget…….? From the Island of Mykonos Greece, to a small kingdom on the edge of the Arabian sea, a young prince destined to be king, and a girl who befriends him, must learn what true friendship and trust mean, as they journey together to the fate destiny has planned since their births……..

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