Contemporary Suspense

Breaking News
Author: Trent Sherwood
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-145750-663-5
Pages: 312
Published: September 2011

Matt Taylor has been perched comfortably atop the evening news for over a decade. Losing his coveted evening news anchor job when executives decide to go after a younger audience shatters Matt Taylor’s world. The heartbroken journalist, who spent 12 magical years on the NBC news desk, reconnects with former college roommates and comes up with a risky scheme that will correct the injustice. If he chooses to act on this brilliant idea to regain his career, he will have to leave behind the values that have defined his life thus far. Once he has done that, there is no turning back. We interrupt this program to bring you Breaking News.

Breaking News follows Matt as he tries to get his career back on track, only to face one setback after another. An item stolen from his apartment brings him to the brink of personal ruin, as instead of being a reporter, he has become the focus of a salacious story. As he becomes embroiled in the scheme, Matt soon realizes he has gotten in way over his head. He becomes torn between the desire to revive his career and his personal ethics, realizing that the consequences of failure could be deadly.

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