Contemporary Women’s Fiction – Hello, Agnieszka!

Hello AgnieszkaHello, Agnieszka!
By E. Journey
Published: June 2014
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Romance
Formats available for review: pdf, mobi, kindle, epub

A son s attempted suicide shocks his family, uncovering a lifelong secret and the mother s tale of early love, rivalry, and betrayal.

Although years have whittled away at the weight of the secret and nearly buried it, the tragic attempt gives it new meaning and compels the mother to tell her children of her past.

Determined to give her family as normal a life as possible, she devotes her life to them. Her children find her caring and solicitous as a parent, but bland as a person, who has limited her interests to her family. Now, she must bare her inner soul to them.

As a young woman, she suffers from her knotty relationships with her own mother and her aunt, but her passion for the piano saves her from the ravages of a repressed childhood and shattered dreams.

Her children learn about a consuming first love at the root of her secrets a love that suffers a sad ending, but gives her strength to move on. She grows into someone comfortable enough with herself to look forward to the future.

Fortuitous encounters at a concert hall and at a music store present her a second chance at happiness with the man she eventually spends her life with. That man is their father. But does she ever forget that compelling first love?

The mother s story uncloaks for her children, someone they never expected, one whose sensitive and courageous spirit touches them deeply. Her daughter, in particular, marvels at her mother s courage and generosity of heart. To her surprise, she finds she and her mother have similar experiences, and though they responded differently to them, their differences are not fundamental; rather, they have more to do with the times in which they grew up.

Hello, Agnieszka! is a sequel/prequel hybrid to the novel, Hello, My Love! and takes place largely in the late 60s to mid-70s. It portrays the complex relationships between a mother (as well as a surrogate mother) and a daughter as the latter falls in love and matures. It also touches on the plight of an immigrant family and issues of cultural and religious differences and racial prejudice.

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