Dark Comedy/Thriller/Mystery – A Cup of Pending

A Cup of PendingA Cup of Pending
Author Name: Jonah Gibson
Publisher: Aimless Arts
Published: June 2016
ISBN: 978-1533668578
Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller, Mystery
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, mobi

A delicious tale of vengeance gone so wrong it just feels right!

Down on his luck and homeless, Cliff Trask tries to score a cup of pending coffee in an upscale Miami coffee shop. He and a friend are assaulted by a self-entitled hedge-fund manager. They decide to exact an elaborate bit of revenge, and end up with a pile of money and a lot more trouble than they ever imagined possible. The scheme goes off the rails in weird and wondrous ways. Cliff is soon embroiled with crooked cops, drug cartel assassins, and a gaggle of ex-trophy-wives, all working their own agendas. As if that weren’t enough, the whole thing plays out on a Miami based reality TV show where Cliff manages to become the star of this unfolding disaster.

Will Cliff wind up dead at the hands of the determined forces arrayed against him, or will he and his friends marshal their collective street savvy to escape an awful fate at the last possible instant?

A Cup of Pending is a laugh-stoked romp through the Tropics, from South Beach to the boondocks of Tobago and back, with characters and events that would be unlikely in any other locale, but seem perfectly at home in the sun-drenched, sex-obsessed confines of Florida’s Gold Coast.

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