Dark Fantasy – Cross Academy

Cross AcademyCross Academy
By Valicity Garris
Published: August 2015
ISBN: 978-1310975851
ASIN: B0141YR5K8
Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller, Post-Apocalyptic, YA Fantasy, Christian Fiction
Formats Available For Review: PDF, ePub, mob

Over half the human population falls victim to the storm of demons that appears on the event known as Black Day. This is the beginning of the 350-year Great Demon War. On the brink of extinction, humans unite and build massive walls to encircle their villages. The stone structures manage to keep the blood-thirsty demons out… until Black Day occurs once again.

Sixteen-year-old Fox Fire witnesses the terror of the demons as her family and village is massacred before her eyes. Homeless and orphaned, she enrolls in Cross Academy, an institution dedicated to destroying the vile creatures. Its not long before Fox is recognized as a fully-fledged Demon-Hunter but her loyalty is tested when her best friend becomes possessed by one.

Fox must decide if she will spare her only companion or stay loyal to the Cross.

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