Dark Thriller – Serial Killer Confessions: Just Friends

Serial Killer ConfessionsSerial Killer Confessions: Just Friends
By Martyn Martello
Publisher: Twirly Hug Productions
Release Date: June 1, 2016
ISBN: 9781530373895
Genre: Murder Mystery, Erotic Thriller, Dark Fiction
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

James Martin had an idyllic life.  Great career at Michigan North College.  Beautiful and talented wife.  Serene little town on the shores of Lake Superior.  A great hobby in local theater.  He had it all…until his wife dies in a car crash after an argument over a misinterpretation of events with a young woman.  James’ life crashes around him.  He is dead inside, until he discovers a new hobby…

I could feel my pulse quicken as I pulled up to the theater. Tonight was the night, the first time I’d act on what I’d been planning for all these months. I had thought about nothing but this night for days. I’d gone over every aspect of my plan, thought about all the possible ways I could get caught, hoped I had figured out all the angles. I knew it was risky. My actions would be right out in the open. No stalking in a quiet back alley. No cloak and dagger. No skulking in the shadows. That stuff was for the average man. I was better than that. I was smarter than that. I felt like I was superior. I could do this and get away with it. Who’d imagine that James Martin could do anything to hurt anyone?

Who indeed?  Certainly not the friends who would meet their fates in James’ hands.  Friends, just friends.  Those were his chosen playmates. Step inside the mind of a cool and calculating serial killer, someone who could be your next door neighbor. Your boss. Your kid’s teacher. Step into the mind of James Martin.
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