Dramtic Fiction – The Amalgamist

The AmalgamistThe Amalgamist
By Cristel Orrand
Publisher: 1st Ride Publishing
Published: August 2014
ISBN: 978-1500369729
Genre: Dramatic Fiction, Coming of Age
Formats Available For Review: pdf

From the moment Miriam Francis Claymore makes the rather impetuous decision to quit her life, something quite extraordinary intervenes. Whether moved by fate- or sleight of hand- one careless moment sets off a rippling tide that leads Miri from her comfortable life in New York, to the Aegean shores of Turkey, and into the unknown. Adrift but reveling in her newfound freedom, the world is open with possibility again, until a chance encounter with a young painter has her questioning her resolve, and her sanity. Aided and subverted on her quest to move forward by a breadcrumb trail of signs, her meddling grandmotherly realtor, touchstone love and instigator best friend, she must disentangle her own past and the pasts of those she loves, before they’re lost to her forever. The Amalgamist is a work of dramatic fiction, with equal parts travel, love, history and re-coming of age, where the protagonist finds herself dividing her time between New York and Turkey, doubt and determination, and on a mission to re-place the pieces of herself.

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