Environmental Science – The Layman’s Guide To Climate Change

The Layman’s Guide To Climate ChangeThe Layman’s Guide To Climate Change
By Mohammed Ghassan Farija
Published: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1729081228
Genre: Environmental Science
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, mobi

Climate change is a complex, all-encompassing, scientific, economic, political and social problem that, for most of us, can seem far removed from our everyday lives. However, looking at the scientific evidence, it is difficult to imagine a future where anyone’s life isn’t touched by climate change. It is undoubtedly the existential problem of our age.

In The Layman’s Guide to Climate Change, author Mohammed Ghassan Farija breaks down this issue in a manner that anyone can understand. You will learn the fundamental mechanisms that govern our climate, whether the recent increase in the globe’s average surface temperature is natural or man-made, the causes of climate change in the past, reasons behind why the climate “debate” exists, expected changes and the socioeconomic impacts they entail, the role of political action and climate treaties such as the Paris Climate Accords and the Kyoto Protocol. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll discover that humanity already possesses the necessary tools to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. What we really lack is an economic and political framework that incentivizes us to put these technologies into practice on a global scale. Despite this, climate change is a problem that we, as a collective, can do something about.

In this book, we will venture into the distant past as well as many possible futures, from the North Pole to the Sahara Desert. We will cover everything from established science to corporate conspiracy to international politics. The only tools you require for this journey are courage, critical thinking, and an open mind.

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