Epic Fantasy – Sin of Mages

Sin of MagesSin of Mages
Rift of Chaos, Book 1
By A.J. Martinez
Publisher: Summon Sphere
Published: December 2016
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

Whenever he found them they would disappear into dark smoke and leave behind a trail of destruction. However, fate has linked the Specters to Akielas’ allies throughout the world. His allies, scarred by the catastrophe of the Specter swear to rid the world of the masked ghouls.

The strongest warrior mages assembled from different countries and joined Akielas. With swordplay, elemental and summoning magic, they pledged to defeat the Specters and unlock mysteries and magic that had been hidden and forgotten.

As they encounter the Specters throughout the world, Akielas’ allies fear that he is unable to spill the blood of his own apprentices

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