Erotica/Literary Fiction – Swing Set

Swing SetSwing Set
By Joanna Kadish
ISBN: 978-1483909028
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Erotica/Literary Fiction
Format available for review: pdf

A couple experiments with swinging only to discover that sharing lovers can be as complicated as it is exhilarating.

Despite their wealth and all the fun that affords them, Shelly and Steve Isakson are on the lookout for something extra to spice up their married life. Enter the realm of oral sex classes, internet pornography, and sex clubs. They immediately get swept up in this new world, and their sex life reaches heights they never before could have imagined.

But can a relationship really stand strong when there are more than two people in it? In their desire to continue chasing that ever elusive sexual thrill, Shelly and Steve decide to push the limits even further and sign up for a swingers’ website. This introduces them to a comical cast of potential partners, none of whom are a good fit for various reason’ until a certain Wilhelm Piek enters the picture. Looking for all intents and purposes like a Nordic god, this very charming and very rascally European playboy and his stunning girlfriend, Camilla Curves, force the disconsolate Shelly to contemplate the delicious quandary her escapades have brought her to: the realization that sexually she has advanced far beyond what her husband can provide. Things are further complicated with the arrival of Deedee Hyman, a woman in whom Shelly quickly finds a friend even as Steve’s lust for Deedee becomes apparent to just about everyone.

Swing Set is the story of a woman’s sexual awakening, a couple’s search for greater intimacy, and of the boundaries that they must set to find happiness. Along the way, three women come together, learning to support each other through the oftentimes hazardous world of love.

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