Family/Parenting – Raising Able: How Chores Nurture Grit and Self-Discipline in Children

Raising Able: How Chores Nurture Grit and Self-Discipline in ChildrenRaising Able
By Susan Tordella
Publisher: Black Eyed Susan Publications
ISBN: 978-1479175772
Published: October 2012
Pages: 256
Genre: Family/Parenting

Set up a chore system in your home using family meetings and encouragement to teach your children about teamwork, the priceless gift of self discipline and connect your family through family meetings. Watch in amazement when children take the lead in family meetings and volunteer for jobs around the home. Parents can count on children to contribute while youngsters gain competence, confidence and learn to cooperate with others. Parents get a break from waiting on children. Children avoid entitlement through cleaning toilets, setting the table and helping with family projects. Stories from contributors across the country describe how childhood chores impacted their lives, along with colorful examples to illustrate how to have a harmonious home by using family meetings, chores and dinner, along with encouragement, natural and logical consequences, setting limits with kindness and firmness, and mutual respect. “Raising Able” is more than a handbook on children and chores. It lays the foundation for a positive family environment, healthy parent-child relationships, and the development of good decision making. It is the ultimate anti-entitlement guide because cleaning toilets and scooping up dog manure counteract entitlement. Parents will learn to influence tots-to-teens without bribery, threats, yelling, screaming, hitting or manipulation with money. Children will learn to contribute without getting paid by the chore.

Parents, educators and day care providers will learn new strategies to old challenges that nurture the child’s spirit, not stifle it, while learning responsibility. The sensible guide is written by the mother of four children whose goal was to “Teach children to make good decisions when they were young so when they became teens and were 60 miles away going 60 miles an hour. They chose to wear a seat belt, drive sober and have good friends. Implementing a chore system is a key component to teaching good decision making skills,” according to Susan Tordella, M.A., a parenting workshop leader, former journalist, program director, full-time mother and homemaker. “The whole family benefits from chores, which identify a place in the family for each child to belong, contribute and feel good about themselves. My survey to more than 500 people ages 11 to 90 affirmed that chores teach responsibility and create family unity,” said Susan. The bonus is that mothers and fathers can retire from being the family servant and set a team work environment where everyone benefits

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