Fantasy – Karda: Adalta Vol. I

KardaKarda: Adalta Vol. I
By Sherrill Nilson
Publisher: Green Canoe Publishing
Published: January 2014
ISBN: 978-1494753801
Pages: 368
Genre: Fantasy
Formats available for review: pdf

With the near collapse of Earth’s systems, a flurry of Ark Ships left the planet to establish colonies through the universe. In the confusion, a handful of these ships were lost. The colony landing on Adalta was one of those.

Five hundred years later, Marta’s job is to bring technology to these scattered worlds. But on Adalta the colonists and the planet itself are techno-phobic. She is deluged by empathic connections to the planet and its creatures, including the magnificent winged, horse-bodied, hawk-headed Karda who Chooses her. Ordered to seduce Altan, heir to rich Toldar Quadrant, her conscience forces her to refuse and resist their growing attraction.

She discovers an attempt to smuggle advanced weapons to a power hungry blood, sex, and death magician, threatening the survival of the planet. Weary of her lonely nomadic life and attracted by the strange magic like powers drawn from Adalta, her “no attachment” policy begins to crumble. If she confesses her covert role to Altan, and exposes the hidden Trade Ship, she risks losing the first real connections she has had since her childhood, and must abandon him, her beloved Karda, and Adalta to their fate.

Karda, first in the series, Adalta, immerses readers in a post-tech world where Earth’s past is the present, and magic and greed fight for the future of the sentient planet.

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