Fantasy – Ragnekai Winds

Ragnekai WindsRagnekai Winds
Book One of The Old Wounds Trilogy
By Peter Buckmaster
ISBN: 978-1981153367
Genre: Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: Kindle, pdf, mobi

Ragnekai Winds is the debut novel of a Brit living in Japan who grew up on Tolkien, Fighting Fantasy, Forgotten Realms and Star Wars.

“There are those for whom old wounds run deep. There are those who do not forget the past. A kingdom without a king. A realm without a ruler. There are those who will see this as a sign. A sign to rise and take back what was theirs.”

Ragnekai Winds is the first book in The Old Wounds trilogy. Ragnekai Moons, the sequel, was released last year and Ragnekai Storms, the conclusion, will be out later this year. Fantasy with a strong emotional core that doesn’t follow the usual paths of the genre.

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