Fiction – Roxana’s Revoluation

Roxana’s RevolutionRoxana's Revolution
by Farin Powell
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475980622
Published: April 2013
Pages: 454
Genre: Fiction
Format Available For Review: PDF

When the media frenzy over the hostage crisis of 1979 worsens and anti-Iranian sentiments surges all over the United States, Roxana, a Wall Street attorney has no choice but to return to Iran. During a short stop in Paris, she reunites with her two childhood friends and meets Steve Radcliff, an American journalist with a tenacious attraction to her. Back in Tehran Roxana rejects Steve’s marriage proposal and refuses to leave Iran with him. But a near death experience forces her to enter a marriage doomed from its inception. “Roxana’s Revolution” highlights the plight of a professional woman’s struggling to balance motherhood and her career under harsh revolutionary rules and Saddam Hussein’s nightly bombing of Tehran. In this novel, an Iranian woman’s life comes full circle as she takes a journey through Europe, and back to the United States, where she senses that the ghost of the hostage crisis still lingers. A dire situation takes Roxana back to Paris where a life-altering surprise is waiting for her.

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