Fiction – The Legend of the Dog

The Legend of the DogThe Legend of the Dog
By Rich Worsham
ISBN: 978-1452834603
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 232
Published: March 2013
Genre: Fantasy, mystery, fiction, dogs
Format Available For Review

Dog lover Rich Worsham knows there’s more to his tiny dachshund, Buster Brown, than meets the eye. As it turns out, Buster is on a mission to write a book – one that reveals to humans The Legend of the Dog, the secret hidden for ages of why dogs and man form packs and how this has impacted and will impact the destiny of human kind. Rich chronicles Buster’s adventures as he struggles to understand who he is and to finally accept his reason for being. (ISBN 1452834601).

Even though Rich has extensive knowledge in the world of business and economics, he relied upon his gift of understanding the heart of man and animal to co-author The Legend of the Dog with Buster Brown. Rich merges fact with myth and mystery during a journey that takes them to the High Places to recover the Legend which the Wolves have kept hidden for thousands of years. In the process they learn about the secret life of dogs as told by Lightning, the head wolf of all Dog Kind in the earth, and how dogs have influenced history since the beginning of time.
“Out of all the creatures in the world, we, as humans, have inexplicably formed an unbreakable bond with dogs,” says author Worsham. “Buster’s journey reveals the secrets behind this unique, ancient relationship.”

Rich and Buster hope their book The Legend of the Dog provides clarity and direction for understanding of the world we live in today, and how dogs and humans together, can make this a better place for all of us. Within the pages of Buster’s journey, Rich believes readers will discover their destiny and learn to live the Legend.

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