Fiction – ZORIAM: The Bios River

ZORIAM: The Bios RiverZoriam
by Taoufik Jazouli
Publisher: Taoufik Jazouli
ISBN: 978-0984638413
Pages: 160
Genre: Fiction
Format Available For Review: print and/or ebook

On a hot and humid night in the city of Salzia, a maid gives birth to a baby boy. Moments later, lightning strikes the lonely townhouse where she works and lives, burning it to the ground. The infant is rescued from the flames by a mysterious old man, who names the baby Zoriam and raises the child as his son. The old man takes Zoriam far from Salzia, teaching him the skills of a warrior and keeping him hidden from the outside world. But the old man is not what he seems, and Zoriam’s past is far more complicated than the young boy realizes. Zoriam doesn’t understand why the old man is so protective, or why he seems to have so many secrets. When Zoriam stows away on one of the old man’s trips back to Salzia, he meets a girl who seems strangely familiar. Kalee, Zoriam’s new friend, has problems of her own: she’s trying to earn a living and protect her blind mother, Adair.

A chance encounter brings Zoriam and Kalee to King Corydon’s palace, where Zoriam is thrust into the middle of a brewing battle between Salzia and the nearby city of Yozana. The royal family is impressed with Zoriam’s courage and ingenuity—all except for Prince Ambrose’s wife, Hagale, who knows that Zoriam poses a threat to her diabolical plot to wrest control of the city from Corydon. When Hagale learns the truth about who Zoriam is, she’ll stop at nothing to get him out of her way. Zoriam will soon discover he can trust no one—not even the old man who raised him and who he considers a father. He’ll have to use every skill he has to uncover the secret of his parentage, end the war between the two cities, and save Prince Priam of Salzia. As if that wasn’t enough, he’ll also have to keep himself alive long enough to save his city—and his friends.

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