Health & Healing – I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis

I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis: Free the Mind, the Body Will FollowI Healed My Crohn's Colitis
by Robert A. Stickles
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 978-1452542683
Published: January 2012
Pages: 120
Genre: Health/Healing

This book is a collection of life stories and beliefs from the author and how he healed himself using thought and the art of meditation. There was a time when Stickles was so sick that he felt hopeless and fed up. He was not finding answers to any questions he had about his Crohn’s Colitis. When Robert got the doctor’s final recommendation that the only cure was removing part of his intestine and replacing it with something manmade (a colostomy bag), He realized he had to take a stand.

Mr. Stickles then asked himself why his body was fighting inside. He asked what in his brain was telling his body to attack itself. These are the questions that seemed to have no answer because he had no one to ask. Robert felt alone. Twenty years have gone by now and using meditation he has learned that the answers are within. He is in the right time of his life and everything has come together to a point where he truly understand what he has done and can share it with his readers. Each one of these stories shows the power of thoughts of healing. Each story leaves you to ask the important questions of yourself so that you can find your own answers. This book is about healing from the inside-out. In this book Robert Stickles shares his stories and a simple meditation technique that you can follow on your path to empower yourself.

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