Health/Fitness – Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond

Fitness at 40 50 60Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond
By Michael Spitzer
Publisher: High Point Products
ISBN: 978-0-9890348-0-7
Published: January 2014
Genre: Health, Fitness, Self-Help
Formats Available For Review: Print

Michael Spitzer’s Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond is an honest science based program that can transform your body and allow as much as 30 lbs of fat loss in 16 weeks.

Not just a typical diet book, Spitzer explains the effects of aging on the body and offers a 3-part program that produces all around fitness for fat loss, better muscle tone, greater flexibility and more energy.

No hype, no wild claims, no false promises. This 432 page book tells it like it is. A balance of diet, resistance training, and cardio combined in a precise 3-day-per-week plan produces impressive body changes in just 4 months.

Although a portion of the book focuses on the effects of aging on metabolism, bones, joints, hormones, mood, anxiety, sexual function, heart, lungs, and muscle fibers – the program and diet will benefit people of all ages looking to improve their fitness and lose weight in the most time efficient manner possible.

Most of the developed world is experiencing an aging population. In America alone, an estimated 45% of the total population is over the age of 40. When this aging demographic is combined with the current concerns over healthcare cost and availability, it is easy to see why more individuals are expressing an interest in staying fit as they grow older.

Forty may no longer be considered “over the hill”, but numerous special factors must be considered when developing a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise to keep an aging body functioning in a more youthful manner.

Many fitness books have been published over the years, but very few address the specific needs of individuals 40 years of age and older.

Every exercise is clearly described with accompanying photos that demonstrate both proper and improper technique. Diagrams, tables, and charts are also used to explain meal plans, recipes, and other principles.

In many ways, this book may be considered by some as the “definitive new book for fitness and weight loss”

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