Historical Fiction – A Song In My Heart

A Song In My Heart
Author: Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
ISBN: 978-1-59298-395-7
Pages: 376
Published: June 2011

A Song In My Heart is a unique historical novel set in Minneapolis, New York, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, and England during the early 1900’s that highlights the contributions of many artists and cultures through music, art, and history.

A Song in My Heart is about the life of Alejandra Stanford who is born to
parents of American, Hispanic, and European heritage. As a young pianist and budding composer, “Ale” is inspired by legendary composers and dreams of one day becoming an orchestral conductor.

The CD/soundtrack that accompanies the narrative includes original songs and instrumental compositions with classical, jazz, and Latin influences. It was created to “exemplify the moods of different story segments as they unfold, since music was intrinsic to Alejandra’s creative and emotional expressions. As Bob Spear from Heartland Reviews who gave A Song in My Heart (5 stars) said, “This highly unusual and well-done project marries the written word with the musical words.”

And Archer Anderson wrote: “A Song in My Heart – Through her novel, Calatayud-Stocks establishes herself as a first-rate storyteller, showcasing her equal talents for both writing and music through the story of Alejandra Stanford. The theme of music is interwoven throughout the storyline; and Calatayud-Stocks deftly interweaves the themes of music, art, romance, passion, and history. The novel is absolutely spellbinding, transporting readers to another time and place with its words and accompanying musical journey, whisking them into the realm of the extraordinary.”

History and fiction converge impeccably in this historical novel infused with music, art, and romance, creating a compelling first installment to the A Song in My Heart trilogy.

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