Historical Fiction / Family Saga – One Calamitous Spring

One Calamitous SpringOne Calamitous Spring
By Edward F. Mendez
Publisher: Casa de Snapdragon LLC
ISBN: 978-1937240356
Published: November 2013
Pages: 290
Genre: Family Saga, Historical Fiction
Formats Available For Review: Print, eBook (Kindle, ePub)

Everything was running fairly normal the day that Theadora left Santa Fe for a one week visit to her sister in Albuquerque. That is, as normal as things can get with three generations of a family living together in the family home built in 1887. However, that very week strange events started happening. First, there was a missing person. Then, a kidnapping and a murder, followed by even more mysterious events! All of this happening to a family with a long and intriguing story of their own, going far back into New Mexico’s history. The women in the family pass down the special knowledge of the old ways that give them the ability to see and know more than the others. The powerful family matron, Theadora, is the one who possesses this knowledge now. It has helped her direct her energies towards creating a stronger family and face many challenges. In the mix of other relatives are the others of the older generation with all their history and secrets. The second generation, some single, some with partners, are dealing with trying to keep old traditions alive while changing their roles, faced with the new realities and opportunities of modern life. The third generation includes a mathematical genius with his own hidden knowledge. Once you start reading, these stories will unfold and you will agree it was indeed “One Calamitous Spring”.

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