Historical Realism – The Life, Death and Resurrection of Vanora Brice: The Life of Vanora Brice

The Life, Death and Resurrection of Vanora Brice: The Life of Vanora BriceThe Life Death and Resurrection of Vanora Brice
By Gordon Rice
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 9781432797041
Published: March 2013
Pages: 246
Format available for review:

“The Life of Vanora Brice” is the first book in a series entitled “The Life, Death and Resurrection of Vanora Brice” by Gordon Rice. The stated intent of the author was to make a book without time. In other words, he wants to develop a sense of time stopping for the reader. As such, the novel appears to jump around quite a bit and it may take a while for some readers to make the jump from one time frame to another. The main character Theodore is a relatively wealthy man who decides to set out on his own. His discoveries of himself are garnered through work-related tasks and environments. The people he meets along the way help to shape both his motivations and his destinations.

There is considerable history of Mexico in the 1800’s under the rule of a dictator. The hopes and dreams of a small town begin to shape the markings of an uprising and Theodore is unknowingly thrust into the mayhem in the course of delivering firearms. It is there that he meets his future bride Lily Martial, a woman plagued with a past that has her teetering on the brink of insanity. The birth of the child Vanora appears to be a milestone in Lily and Theodore’s life and it seemingly shapes the novels yet to come. Rice is a talented writer who gives the reader many thought-provoking issues to ponder. He gives hints of characteristics and motivations without substantial clues as to how those characteristics will play out.

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