Historical Women’s Fiction – Laurel’s Choices

Laurel's ChoicesLaurel’s Choices
By Exie Wilde Henson
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1478768227
Genre: Historical Fiction Inspirational Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Formats Available For Review: mobi (on InstaFreebie and NetGalley only), pdf, epub

Laurel Worth has been a public figure for most of her adult life – a well-known speaker for social issues such as the women’s right to vote and a successful teacher with nurse training. She is also known as the beautiful, auburn-haired daughter of an esteemed professor. Justin, her husband, is college educated and is already a successful, professional photographer. But, at heart, Justin is an adventurer. When he impulsively takes a job supervising a logging crew in the remote mountains of North Carolina, she finds herself and their two small children in a frightening, primitive environment.

Their new home is a rough-hewn, two-room shack in an isolated logging camp. Laurel’s challenges include a near-fatal rescue of her young child from the turbulent river, treating diphtheria, snake bites, and a panther attack, endless work as she teaches children in the camp and helps cook for the families and crew. Not to mention Justin’s kidnapping by moonshiners and a near death encounter with outlaws! And she is mightily irritated that Justin is thoroughly enjoying himself!

This lively, patriotic saga, folded within the pages of national and international events from 1920-1950, such as the Great Depression and World War II, showcases the indomitable American spirit and the powerful truth that it is not our circumstances but our choices, empowered by God’s adequacy, that determine who we become.

Will their marriage survive this calamitous lifestyle?
Will her faith sustain her, even against Justin’s unbelief?
Will her choices help them reach their envisioned destiny?

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