Historical/Religious Fiction – Yeshua, Son of Man

Yeshua, Son of ManYeshua, Son of Man
By Cherian Mathews
Publisher: PartridgeIndia
ISBN: 978-1482839227
ASIN: B00W769W9K
Genre: Historical/Religious Fiction
Formats Available For Review: print (limited quantities available), kindle, pdf

Jesus [Yeshua]called himself Son of Man, as recorded about 100 times in the gospels. If this means that he was human, then how did he gain his knowledge and wisdom? The author imagines that Yeshua used the period from 12 to  30 years of his life, about which nothing is mentioned in the bible, for gaining his education – first in Jerusalem in Gamaliel’s academy and  then inTaxila University. in India. In Taxila,, he learned Buddhism and Hinduism, and taught Judaism. In the process, he became very close to a colleague by the name Shakuntala who suggested marriage. Yeshua pointed our that he was committed to a mission to the Jews which was his first priority, So he went back to Palestine, where he preached about the kingdom of god for over three years. Finally the frightened Jewish clergy arranged to crucify him. With help from some friends, he escaped from the gallows and went back to Taxila.

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