Home and Garden – The Hints Book Almanac

The Hints Book Almanac
Author: Donna Hale Chandler and Richard Lee King
Publisher: Diamond Rhodes Publishing
ISBN: 978-1467931106
Pages: 338
Published: November 2011

The Hints Book Almanac is a new book by two Florida authors that contains over 1700 helpful household hints on ways to use common household products in uncommon ways.

The co-authors had been each saving “helpful hints” for years, totally unaware that the other had been doing the same until it came up in a conversation. Then they realized they needed to compile their hints and share them with the world. The authors believe it is destined to become the “Master” of hints books and will likely become a staple of the American home.

Chapters include hints and tips on aloe vera, bleach, cotton swabs, garlic, liquid dish soap, shaving cream and much, much more. Ordinary products in the home can provide extraordinary uses and results.

This book is the perfect gift for any and all occasions.

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