Horror, Supernatural Thriller – Three Days of Darkness

Three Days of DarknessThree Days of Darkness
The Final Secret
By S.A. Teller
Publisher: Vista Alegre Publishing House
ISBN: 978-0999738405
Genre: Horror/Supernatural Thhriller
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

A Vatican pope reveals a demonic event that would end the world. Facts uncover an evil society conjuring a prophecy of obliteration. When the Virgin Mary entrusts a young peasant with a prophetic message, can her followers stop a demonic apocalypse that threatens the whole world?

A satanic ritual breaches the gates of hell at a church in Florence, Italy that menaces the world with a prophesied apocalyptic end.

Meanwhile, outside a picturesque town in Fátima, Portugal, the Holy Virgin miraculously appears to a young shepherd girl named Lúcia and entrusts her with a profound secret to warn the world of an evil plan.

The evil society invokes an army of demons to lead a war against Christianity known as the Three Days of Darkness, destined to arise on the Holy Mother’s centennial anniversary.

One woman exposes a hidden truth and initiates her own following to uncover and conquer the eminent evil. Will the Blue Army of Mary defeat the Red Army of Satan? The final secret will reveal the fate of the world.

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