Humor, Adventure, Suspense – Hand In Glove

Hand In GloveHand in Glvoe
By Paddy Bostock
Publisher: Wings ePress
Published: February 2014
Pages: 440
Genre: Humour/Adventure, Suspense
Formats Available For Review: pdf

PI Dr Jake Flintlock and his sidekick Dr Bum Park are inveigled by American theater director Chuck Cinzano into the investigation of the finding of a severed hand in a baseball glove on Primrose Hill, London. The assignment morphs into a murder case as Chuck is stabbed to death in the vicinity of Jake’s home. Having flown to Sausalito, Jake and Bum soon discover that both the hand-in-glove scenario and Chuck’s murder have been used as baits to con them over to California, and that the role they are expected to play is in fact that of guards for Chuck’s son Clyde, suspected of terrorist activity by the CIA and the FBI.

The nub of the investigation shifts once again with first a murder, and then a spectacular maiming, perpetrated by a proficient archer. As the nature of Jake and Bum’s task keeps changing, they have reason to suspect they are just players in some all-the-worlds-a-stage fabrication. Yet, a real criminal does exist somewhere under all the layers of the charade, and it is up to the protagonists to adopt their characteristically casual approach to detection to discover his/her identity.

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