Humor – Men Don’t Pee Straight

Men Don’t Pee Straight: And Other Things You Should Know About UsMen Don't Pee Straight
By Rick Dean
Publisher: Rick Dean Books
ISBN: 978-0615642154
Published: March 2012
Pages: 44
Genre: Humor

Chock full of stuff about men that you’ve always known but never wished to fully grasp (and always hoped would change), Men Don’t Pee Straight confirms your worst fear – those male stereotypes are real, they are accurate, and they are here to stay.

Blunt and comedic, and voted best bathroom book in the universe by the Bureau of Better Bathroom Books*, these cartoon illustrated pages soften the sad reality for many mothers, girlfriends, and wives who have been hoping for change. The best anyone can do is simply grimace, shrug, and then perhaps smile. From diapers and driving thru fragile egos and toilet seats, this poignant yet tactless book will assist with that smile.

*Currently, to the best of Rick Dean’s knowledge, the Bureau of Better Bathroom Books is defunct.

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