Humor – Table Talk: Memoirs of a Bikini Waxer

Table Talk: Memoirs of a Bikini Waxer
By Caren A. Stein
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1432798130
Published: September 2012Humor – Table Talk: Memoirs of a Bikini Waxer
Pages: 204
Genre: Humor

Brutally Honest & Ridiculously Funny…Table Talk: Memoirs of a Bikini Waxer is a hilarious collection of stories, opinions, rantings and ravings that will leave you laughing your hairless ass OFF!

Each chapter represents a different hat worn by Caren on any given day as a hair removal specialist. The Bikini Waxer — The Love Doctor — The Bearded Lady — The Belle of the Balls- no subject is off limits. Not only funny but sincere and uplifting, this book will leave any female reader with a sense of womanly pride and dynamism.

“As a woman who knows women, I have found that no issue is too big or too small to discuss. We are passionate conversationalists regardless of the subject matter. Whatever the issue may be from finding a new wrinkle or a gray hair to buying a new outfit, dating a jerk, getting a divorce or not knowing what color to paint the damn powder room, it’s all important to us – at least for the time it’s on the table. Some women look to me for answers. I can only tell them what I would do in certain situations but it’s important to tread lightly with some subjects. After all, despite what some may think, I don’t have all the answers. Who on this planet does?” ~ Caren A. Stein

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