Inspirational – Heart Magick … Where Healing Begins

Heart Magick … Where Healing BeginsHeart Magick
by Debra Naillon
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 978-1452565187
Published: January 2013
Pages: 164
Genre: Inspirational, Healing
Format available for review: .pdf

Heart Magick … Where Healing Begins” takes the readers on a candid, real-life journey into a frightening and fascinating world. Naillon deftly brings childhood camping stories to life in an experience that she likens to someone leaving Plato’s cave and discovering an entirely new world that she never knew existed. Through it all, there is one message that will stand out, a message that speaks to reader’s hearts: there is more out there than what can be seen and realizing this leads to true healing. Excerpt from the book “The ultimate compliment to anyone in this industry is to have a client crying tears of happiness after a treatment because they no longer hurt. Reiki energy is available to everyone, we all can be attuned to the energy and channel it for the greater good. I cannot stress enough how good it feels to know that you can truly help someone that feels they have lost all hope of ever getting better.”

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