Inspirational Memoir – Lost In Oblivion

Lost In OblivionLost in Oblivion
By Jessica Lynn
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1478706618
Published: April 2013
Pages: 136
Genre: Biography/ Memoir/ Inspirational
Format available for review: ebook, Print

Lynn is a young girl who grows up being battered mentally and physically by her family. This is the true story of a vicious cycle of tragic events that never seemed to end. Lynn endures the pains and devastations at a very young age. Her brother Tony and her mother Jean are both mentally ill with bipolar disorder and suicidal rampages. She is a sweet and shy child that was brain washed by her mother to hate her father and her siblings. Her mother sends her on this horrible journey back and forth from town to town while her mother is homeless and suicidal. All Lynn ever wanted was to be a normal child and teenage with a happy home and family. What she got was the most horrifying torment instead. She was eight years old when her brother Tony attempted to strangle her and drown her in the family’s pool. She never understood why things of that nature would happen to her or why her mother would always take Tony’s side and they would both gang up on her and bully her. Lynn and her brother Tony are only thirteen months apart exactly. They grew up together as best friends and did everything together just like a normal little brother and sister would be together. As they got older is when Tony would change into this monster that was literally trying to kill her. Our mother would incite Tony into hurting Lynn more or jump in herself and help him torture her. She has endured pain after pain; stomped on in the head repeatedly, stabbed in the ankle with a kitchen knife, beaten with a hammer, had glass objects smashed into her face, strangled, near drowned etc. you name it and Lynn’s probably been through it. Lynn’s mother was the one mostly home, as their father worked many long hours, so he wasn’t around much to help her nor would her mother tell him what Lynn’s brother Tony or herself had done to her while he was away. Lynn’s mother Jean is a manipulative, cold hearted person whom grew up in a very dysfunctional family. Apparently, she was always this way since she was a child. Lynn’! s life as an adolescent seemed to be like living in a mental ward with two sociopaths and nothing anyone could do to help; not even the police. She has tried many times in her childhood to call the police on them and they would cut the phone lines on her so she couldn’t. If she ran away they would find her and call the police on her as if she were some rebellious teen that disobeyed her parents. Lynn was running away from the mental and physical abuse. She was left to fend on her own several times in her childhood years and learn the hard way of surviving. Lynn’s life’s goals while going through this intense nightmare would be only to get through school and get the heck away from that messed up family. In the end, she did and she did it thriving. Lynn was finally free of the corrupted life and learning to cope with the tragedy she had been through. No family in her eyes was better for her than a broken home with two lunatics. Now that Lynn is all grown up pushing thirty years old, she still and forever will be haunted by the nightmare tortures they put her through and will battle with long term post-traumatic stress disorder till the day she dies, but will do it in a positive way to where only happiness and success comes out of this journey through life and will prosper on with the courage she always had and inspiration to have to share with others who may be struggling with neglect and abuse. Lynn’s goal is to help those overcome these challenges and see that not all hope is lost and you don’t have to let these road blocks in your life over power you. You will too see that something does get better and with the entire heart ache endured; Lynn transformed it into better things that will benefit her life so that you can say “I’m not like those people and family is only blood and doesn’t mean you have to have them in your life.” It’s your life and you make your own decisions to be happy or not. I hope this book truly encourages and inspires those who need to find answers and relief to ! their horrific circumstances and free themselves of those burdens once and for all.

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