Legal Thriller – Blood Spiral

Blood Spiralblood spiral
By G. T. Matteson
Publisher: Croydon Press
ISBN: 978-0615496436
Published: January 2012
Pages: 332
Genre: Legal Thriller

BLOOD SPIRAL is a legal thriller that deals with America’s thirst for justice and, not coincidentally, its thirst for violence as well. Imagine the joy you feel as you are acquitted of murder. Now fast forward a few months as the man who got you freed is about to exact the ultimate punishment for your crime. You are now a client of the high profile Philadelphia lawyer, Bradley “Hound Dog” Hunt.

On the verge of a complete mental breakdown as the story begins, Hunt is literally in the process of murdering two of his former clients – one by fire and one by starvation – while simultaneously defending a notorious group of child abusers, dubbed “The Frankford Four” by the local media. The lengthening string of gruesome murders gets the attention of a Los Angeles-based FBI agent named Frank Turbine, who was Hunt’s college roommate during their days at Penn. Spurred by his straight-laced partner, Turbine eventually has no choice but to consider Hunt’s connection to the victims as something more than coincidence.

From the moment Hunt commits a savage murder on Turbine’s turf, their paths are once again inexorably entwined. In order to save his friend – or at least give him a chance at redemption – Turbine must turn his back on all he’s sworn to uphold in order to save Hunt from prison. He must wash it away, forever, and get his partner to look the other way. It is a dear price. Turbine had loved the law “almost as a person,” but when Hunt chooses to try to take that step back into the light he cannot abandon him. By the time the story ends the characters have run an emotional gauntlet that has utterly transformed them, their actions still hanging about them like the fragile, silken strands of a spider’s web.

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